rugs company in india

Modern rugs Visit our country, Sing our heritage To prepare these rugs one has to prepare the map by hand. After that, we are made from the hair of the sheep.e Jaipur. Rugs and carpet are made in mjn export.The entire carpet is prepared by hand.

rugs company in india

They are made threads. After making the thread, it is dyed in different colors. A loom is prepared after dyeing the thread. A layer of cotton thread of loom is climbed. With the help of the map, 2 men and 2 women sit and after that weaving them in the cotton thread with the help of the map, this process takes 90 to 120 days

rugs manufacturer in india

After this process, we have to finish it. Finishing is very long process. For finishing, we have to submerge in water for 24 hours. With the help of chemicals, we have to wash 2 men, which takes 5-7 hours. It takes 3 to 4 days to dry after washing. After drying, it has to be cut by hand. After cutting, we have to remove the design by hand with the help of a cutter. After removing the design we have to separate its design from 4-5 men. Which makes the whole design look different. After this, place on carpet or rugs – the area is spread in those of different colors. Those we call weeds. We make wool finishing with the help of 4 – 10 women. After finishing, right and left lock the border with the help of those threads. With the help of 4 to 5 women from top to bottom, the border is locked with the help of cotton thread. After this, our team has to check, in which we have to overcome all the deficiencies. Then carpet and rugs are prepared which add beauty to the homes of the people. Used for laying in houses, hanging walls and keeping houses warm in winter. Our handmade carpets and rugs are very good.

You will get carpets and rugs at our company Mjn Export at a very good rate, come to our country, sing our heritage Jaipurmjnexport

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